Equal Opportunities Policy

This APP fully supports the principles of Equal Opportunities.  We strive to ensure that all candidates for our qualifications are treated fairly and on an equal basis
Equal Opportunities are assured by:

  • the selection, recruitment and training of those working for this APP;
  • consideration at an early stage in the development of new schemes or qualifications;
  • ensuring that the format and content of all syllabi, examinations and other do not discriminate against anyone which is the responsibility of WSET Awards by whom we are approved to teach WSET qualifications;
  • ensuring there are no barriers to entry to units and qualifications, which we deliver and/or offer, for disabled people, women or men, or people from different racial groups, other than those directly related to the integrity of the units or qualifications.  The nature of any barriers will be stated and the inclusion of the requirements that create the barrier justified only and explicitly in terms of the integrity of the unit or the qualification.  Details of how the effect of any barriers will be mitigated will be recorded, including using access arrangements or including reasonable adjustments.
  • clarifying the responsibility of all members of staff and/or consultants, who are involved in the delivery of WSET courses within this APP, to comply with this policy.  In particular external parties invited by this APP to contribute to these development arrangements must also, as representatives of relevant learners, ensure that the views of learners and others are taken into account in the development of QCF units and qualifications.
  • anonymous assessment of examination candidates wherever possible;
  • promoting practices and procedures that give equal opportunities to everyone;
  • being required to have equal opportunity policies in place;
  • the variation of any conventional rules and regulations for the conduct of examinations which might inhibit the performance of candidates with specific needs, provided that the standard, quality and integrity of the assessment is not compromised.  
  • working as appropriate with relevant organisations and agencies to develop measures to identify and prevent inequality of opportunity;
  • making every effort to ensure that there is equality of opportunity in its assessment process, regardless of the candidate’s gender, age, racial origin, religious persuasion, sexual orientation or disability;
  • ensuring, to the best of our ability, that any documentation produced does not contain language or images which may be regarded as offensive or stereotypical, and that they reflect the diversity of contemporary society

This APP is an equal opportunities organisation and will consider applications from any organisation or individual who can demonstrate that they meet our approval criteria. 

This policy is published  on our website or Candidate Booking Form and will be provided to any student on demand


This APP  will comply with all current and relevant legislation and this policy will be monitored and reviewed annually.   At the time of writing relevant legislation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Constitution of Ukraine
  • Law of Ukraine “On ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and man”

As part of the monitoring of candidates registering for a WSET® qualification we will collect information on diversity, requests for special consideration, access arrangements and feedback from learners, centres and other stakeholders.
All relevant issues identified as suggesting our provision or services have unnecessary impact on learners will be reported back to the Centre Registration and Quality Assurance Manager who will be responsible for leading on introducing amendments to provision and/or services where necessary and in accordance with our documented procedures for developing and reviewing units and qualifications.  Details of the outcomes of each review will be made available to the qualification regulators upon request.


Candidates who believe they have been discriminated against should contact us in the first instance for advice.